Wednesday, January 7, 2009

MULTI TABLE TOURNAMENTS AIN'T MY BAG: And Now My Bank Roll's Starting To Sag

Happy new year, all!

In the last week, after my near misses in multi-table tournaments (MTT for short) on Full Tilt, I've faired worse since then. My bank roll was up above $21.00, then it sank to a low of $5.70. I'm at a point where if I keep playing MTT's I could potentially go broke and have to play in free rolls again.

So I figured my best course of action would be to start playing $1.25 single-table tournaments again, like I did on Pokerstars a few months back (When I steadily won over $50 and cashed out my initial investment). So far so good: I've placed in the money (top 3) in my first 4 one table sit & go's and my bank roll is back up to $10.60. As long as I avoid the temptation to play MTT's until my stack gets up to at least $30, I should be on a steady climb upwards.

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