Monday, January 12, 2009

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY: Sitting And Going On This Special Day

Six months. Six months of love, hate, highs and lows and we're still going strong. She brings out the best in me and the worst and I love her for it. "She" is online poker (Wow, this all sounds kinda pathetic, but whatever, I'm sticking with the analogy).

It's been 6 months to the day that I've started playing online poker. I've really learned a lot in this 6 months, although the money earned has been modest. The bank roll is up to $22.70 and steadily climbing by playing $1.25 Sit & Go tournaments on Full Tilt Poker

I came across an article on Drunk Blonde Poker about how poker is a metaphor for life. It is so true. The metaphor really rang through during one particular Sit & Go I played in last week. I was getting bad cards and unlucky breaks throughout the early stages of the tournament. But instead of getting frustrated, going on tilt and putting it all on the line, I patiently waited for a good opportunity, convincing myself that things would turn around. That's when I started a comeback, got a couple lucky breaks late to make it to the final two and needed about 20 mins to put away a solid opponent head to head. Oh, was it ever satisfying!

And on that note, here's to another 6 months and beyond of solid wins and big money finishes!

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