Thursday, February 12, 2009

BANK ROLLIN': Stuck On a Speed Bump

Hey all. Long time, no blogging for ya. Well, I'm still trying to build up the bank roll from nothing, I was rolling along for a bit playing $1.25 Sit & Go's on Full Tilt.

At that point, the bank roll was at about $40 and I decided to try my luck outside of my bank roll range, contrary to bank roll management rules as laid out by Chris "Jesus" Ferguson of Full Tilt. I played in nine $5.50 sit & go's, finishing in the money in 5 of them, then playing four $11.00 ones, finishing in the money in 3 of them. My bank roll got up to over $65 before I went back down to play $2.25 sit & go's, back to sound bank roll management principles.

Unfortunately, I've been mired in a streak of bad luck overall. I've taken tons of bad beats, and went through my first stretch of actual tilt, where I felt like all my decisions were wrong ones and solid odds betting led to losing anyway. Fortunately, I'm still at $56, only $9 in the hole, but for all my solid play, I feel like I should be in better shape than this. But then again, I'm glad I had the discipline not to shift back to higher buy-ins while I'm going through this rough stretch, which could have left me bankrupt by now.

The milestone of the $100 bank roll feels miles away now...

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