Thursday, February 12, 2009

BANK ROLLIN': Stuck On a Speed Bump

Hey all. Long time, no blogging for ya. Well, I'm still trying to build up the bank roll from nothing, I was rolling along for a bit playing $1.25 Sit & Go's on Full Tilt.

At that point, the bank roll was at about $40 and I decided to try my luck outside of my bank roll range, contrary to bank roll management rules as laid out by Chris "Jesus" Ferguson of Full Tilt. I played in nine $5.50 sit & go's, finishing in the money in 5 of them, then playing four $11.00 ones, finishing in the money in 3 of them. My bank roll got up to over $65 before I went back down to play $2.25 sit & go's, back to sound bank roll management principles.

Unfortunately, I've been mired in a streak of bad luck overall. I've taken tons of bad beats, and went through my first stretch of actual tilt, where I felt like all my decisions were wrong ones and solid odds betting led to losing anyway. Fortunately, I'm still at $56, only $9 in the hole, but for all my solid play, I feel like I should be in better shape than this. But then again, I'm glad I had the discipline not to shift back to higher buy-ins while I'm going through this rough stretch, which could have left me bankrupt by now.

The milestone of the $100 bank roll feels miles away now...

Monday, January 12, 2009

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY: Sitting And Going On This Special Day

Six months. Six months of love, hate, highs and lows and we're still going strong. She brings out the best in me and the worst and I love her for it. "She" is online poker (Wow, this all sounds kinda pathetic, but whatever, I'm sticking with the analogy).

It's been 6 months to the day that I've started playing online poker. I've really learned a lot in this 6 months, although the money earned has been modest. The bank roll is up to $22.70 and steadily climbing by playing $1.25 Sit & Go tournaments on Full Tilt Poker

I came across an article on Drunk Blonde Poker about how poker is a metaphor for life. It is so true. The metaphor really rang through during one particular Sit & Go I played in last week. I was getting bad cards and unlucky breaks throughout the early stages of the tournament. But instead of getting frustrated, going on tilt and putting it all on the line, I patiently waited for a good opportunity, convincing myself that things would turn around. That's when I started a comeback, got a couple lucky breaks late to make it to the final two and needed about 20 mins to put away a solid opponent head to head. Oh, was it ever satisfying!

And on that note, here's to another 6 months and beyond of solid wins and big money finishes!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

MULTI TABLE TOURNAMENTS AIN'T MY BAG: And Now My Bank Roll's Starting To Sag

Happy new year, all!

In the last week, after my near misses in multi-table tournaments (MTT for short) on Full Tilt, I've faired worse since then. My bank roll was up above $21.00, then it sank to a low of $5.70. I'm at a point where if I keep playing MTT's I could potentially go broke and have to play in free rolls again.

So I figured my best course of action would be to start playing $1.25 single-table tournaments again, like I did on Pokerstars a few months back (When I steadily won over $50 and cashed out my initial investment). So far so good: I've placed in the money (top 3) in my first 4 one table sit & go's and my bank roll is back up to $10.60. As long as I avoid the temptation to play MTT's until my stack gets up to at least $30, I should be on a steady climb upwards.