Monday, August 25, 2008


44 days... FORTY-FOUR DAYS since setting forth on this Poker journey and FINALLY, U-E the Kid has cracked the Pokerstars Hubble Free Roll!!!! Cue "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey and don't hold back applause on this momentous occasion that deserves multiple exclamation points at the end of every sentence!!!!

Last night, all the pieces fell into place as I applied quite a few of the techniques I learned in Dan Harrington's poker book and BAM!!!! I placed in the top 99 (65th, to be exact) out of 12,000 players in the Hubble. The top 99 win a ticket into a money tournament.

Over the past 23 days of no blog posts, there have been sooooo many bad beats, gunshy moments where I could have doubled up, card dead moments, "I think I'll try being a hyper agressive player" moments and "I want to throw my laptop across the room" moments that I was beginning to think it was impossible for me to break through. Hence, the no blog posts. Believe me, had I made a blog post during that time, there would have been a frikkin' $#!+load of cursing!!!! But I did it!!!! I was actually playing 2 Hubbles at the same time and almost placed in the other one as well. I finished 141 out of 12,000 in the other Hubble, which was my second best finish in these free rolls to date.

So now, this coming Saturday, I get to play in a round 2 tournament with a $2000 prize pool. Still a pretty modest prize pool for the time I've put in, but hey, it's worth it for the experience and NOT losing any money while doing it. YEEEHHHHAAAAWWWW!!!! One small step for the kid in the direction of Future Poker Legend!

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