Saturday, August 2, 2008

CHALK ONE UP FOR FOREVER FISH: Lack of focus, lack of results.

Playing these free-rolls are annoying as hell. On 90% of the tables, the beginning stages are all about filtering out those crazy people who do nothing but go all-in all the time. It's a crapshoot for who capitalizes on them, but whoever does can then use their big stack to bully everyone else. I say I've only had the opportunity to be the bully one out of 20 times so far. No fair!

So alas, my results in these free rolls have fallen off with the frustration of trying to distinguish the idiots from the ones who actually have game (to call or not to call... that is the question). And since I can't seem to figure that out, I have become one of those idiots who doesn't get very far. Bah! Frustration. I am on tilt.

But really, it's my own fault. These tournaments have gotten so boring for me because of those annoying early stages that instead of really paying attention and observing opponent betting patterns, I've just been taking my own hands into account and watching T.V and movies while I play. I'm not even going to post my results here, it's really embarassing. I'll get back to you once things start improving. Until then...

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