Monday, July 28, 2008

DOWN GOES THE KID! DOWN GOES THE KID!: K.O.'d in the Negreanu Semis

Future poker legend? Maybe. Still a fish? Most definitely. It hurts to admit, but before you can truly know where you are going, you must first realize where you're currently at. And where I'm at is the land of the fish, me being one of them. That lesson was taught to me by the sharks that ate me this past Saturday.

I started the tournament at a table with 4 of the nine sitting out. The active agressive players took turns stealing the blinds and I felt helpless, so I tried making a run at them myself, but to no avail. I had to back down and the cards were never in my favor. Then, I got moved to another table, this time with 5 people sitting out and the other 3 were big stacks with about 3 times as many chips as me on average. I played tight and couldn't break through their agressiveness. I'd then get medium pairs all the time, hoping to hit trips on the flop then try to make a move, but after an empty flop and not enough chips to chase 'em away, I was done for.

By that time, I was desperate, frustrated and went all-in from the cutoff with A-J offsuit and was called and beaten by the big blind. Ouch. Finished 4272 out of 6686. Two weeks preparing, only to challenge the wrong people and get my butt whooped the worst it's ever been whooped. I can't sit now. It hurts too much.

Despite this lackluster showing, I will say U-E The Kid will be back. Mark my words, people. Mark my words.

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