Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Although I haven't managed to place in a Hubble Free Roll yet, I decided to try my luck in some of the cheapy buy-in tournaments on I entered a $1.10 buy-in tournament and was playing quite conservatively. No decent cards are coming my way so I decide to splash the pot a little bit. Rookie mistake. Discipline, U-E discipline! I come out of it with about half my stack, but manage to get some decent wins afterward to get up to starting stack size of 1500... Unfortunately by then, the average stack is about 5000 and the blinds are comin' up on me like a bat outta hell!

So finally, being dealt K-K, I decide to take my shot, short stack vs. short stack (the other dude has me covered ever so slightly). I'm all-in, we show down our cards and I see he's got J-6. And that's when the "That's Poker" gods took over:

Flop: T J A
4th: 3
River: 6

He beats me with 2-pair.

Ouch. Not impressed.

After that horrible defeat, I entered a 50 cent buy-in tournament and placed, scoring 96 cents!!!! Probably could've done better, I was on fire early, but made one huge mistake, calling a dude when I had 2-pair with a straight draw on the board. He did end up having the straight and I lost half my stack. Oh well, live and learn. But on the positive side, progress has been made!

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