Wednesday, July 23, 2008

WHAT THE, WHO THE... WHERE AM I????: We're Not In Texas Anymore. We're In Omaha!

So I'm fresh off winning my first single table sit & go tournament (1.20 buy-in, won 4.50! Yay!), then I come in 3rd place in a slightly higher buy-in sit & go (3.40 buy-in, won 5.40), and I feel I'm ready to take on the 5.50 sit & go. But the tables fill up super fast, you have to be quick on the mouse click to get in on them. A couple people beat me to it as I try to get in, but the next one comes up and I'm in there just in time!

I'm relaxed, ready to take down the $13.50 first prize... And suddenly, they start dealing out FOUR cards. Apparently, in my haste to get into a Texas Hold'em tourney, I entered an Omaha Hi-Lo tourney by mistake! Baaahhhhh!!!! I was choked.

After whining like a school girl for a bit (just a split second though, tops), I suck it up and try to pick up the game as quickly as possible. I take out my copy of Poker For Dummies and read the Omaha chapter as quickly as possible, and beginner's luck must have kicked in or something, because I took down about 5 out of the first 15 hands, doubling up a couple times in the process!

So things are looking good, I'm in first place, way out in front. That's when my Dad asks me to help him move some furniture. Since I'm up big, I figure missing a couple hands won't hurt. We end up re-arranging the whole living room, then eat lunch and only afterward do I realize I totally forgot about the tournament! When I got to my laptop, I had already finished in 5th place out of 9. Blast! Lost opportunity.

After that, I was intrigued by the hi-low aspect of Omaha. I decide to try it out at a regular table. I get this one hand, can't remember what it was, but it was a decent high hand and a KICKASS low hand. I decide to get a good chunk of my stack into the pot. The two other players and I showdown our cards... And I come away empty! I'm thinking, "What the hell? How'd they beat my low hand?" It turns out I was in a regular Omaha game where you're trying to win with the high hand, not a high low game. So yeah, now I'm thinking of dying my hair blonde, just for shits and giggles...

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ROMES said...

You're lovin the Sit and Go's now...

I've made that mistake with the Omaha too but luckily real money wasn't involved.