Wednesday, August 27, 2008

RAISING THE BAR: My first final table!!!!

A couple days after my first qualifying finish in a Pokerstars free roll tournament, I've done it again! This time in the Copernicus Limit Omaha Hi/Lo free roll. BUT not only did I qualify (you have to make it to the final 11 tables, ie top 99), I made it to the FINAL table, finishing 6th overall out of 8545! All quite a big jump for someone who's never made it to the top 11 tables before 2 days ago.

Granted, once you get to the top 11 tables, a good portion of the players start eliminating themselves on purpose because everyone who places gets a ticket into the weekly round 2 tournament anyway. At that point, the only thing on the line is pride and Tournament Leader Board points. But I wanted to see how well I could do and managed to battle it out to a 6th place finish. I made quite a few mistakes at that final table against solid opponents, but hey, it was late at night, it was a long tournament, and frankly, I was just happy to be there :)

But am I satisfied? Hell no! Happy with the progress, yes, but now it's time to raise the bar. Time to make it all the way to top prize. My new main goal will be to crack the Daily Eighty Grand free roll satellite. Top 5 finishers in that tournament qualify for an 80 grand prize pool tournament. Take notice people, the kid is movin' on up!!!!

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